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  GLS-3116D- 16 Channel DVR with Audio
Available in Store
Video Input/Output: BNC 16CH In / 1CH Out, VGA 1CH Out, HDMI 1CH Out
Audio Input/Output: RCA 16CH In/ 1CH Out
Alarm Input/Output: Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Compression Method: H.264
Real time recording support:                                                                                   
CIF:352×240 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 352×288 with 400 Fps (PAL)            
D1:720×480 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 704×576
with 400 Fps (PAL)                   
960H:960×480 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 960×576 with 400 Fps (PAL)
Preview resolution: 960 x 480 ( NTSC ), 960 x 576 ( PAL );                                
Playback resolution: 960H x 4
Hexaplex operation simultaneously: Preview, recording, playback, and
network live, backup, playback
1 RJ‐45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS,
Support Internet
Explorer and special client software
Remote Control, PTZ, RS485, Alarm, 2×USB, 1×IR Controller
2 SATA Hard Disk interface (Up to 8TB)
Backup: USB2.0 and Network
Support remote view by Mobilephone
Dimensions (L×W×H): 405mm×325mm×65mm, weight: 6.0kg

This device is a digital monitoring and recording product specially designed for the security field. It adopts standalone processor and standalone Linux operating system.The device combines with the latest technologies in the IT field, such as video and audio compression/decompression, large capacity HDD record, TCP/IP network etc.. The code is embedded in the FLASH chip, which makes the system running more steadily. This device has both features of digital video and audio recording(DVR) and digital video and audio server(DVS). It can’t only work locally and independently but also compose of a powerful security monitoring net with networking. With the use of professional network video surveillance platform (network) software, it can fully reflect its strong networking and remote monitoring capability. It can be used for the security protection in the fields of banking, telecommunications, electronic power, justice, traffic, residential, factory, warehouse, water conservancy facilities and other areas and departments.

Real-time Monitoring
It is with analogue video output port. It can realize the monitoring function through the monitor or display. It supports simultaneous TV and VGA output.
Storage Function
It adopts special format to save data which cannot be tampered with and will be secured
Compression Method
It supports multi-channel audio and video signal. Each channel of audio and video signal is compressed in real time by independent hardware. Sound and image keep stabilizing synchronization.
Backup Function
It backups through USB port(such as the common U disk, mobile hard disk, SATA Combo etc.).The client computer can download and backup the files on the hard disk via the internet
Video Playback Function
Each channel can realize an independent and real-time recording, while retrieval, reverse play, network monitoring, video search and download etc. can realize simultaneously.Multiple playback modes: slow forward, fast forward, reverse play and frame-by-frame play.
When playing back the video, the exact time of the event can be displayed.
Network Operation Function
Through the internet, you can realize remote and real-time monitoring, remote video search and playback, and remote PTZ control.
Communication Port
With RS485 or RS422 port and PTZ control.With standard Ethernet port, realizing network remote control function
PTZ Control
Support the PTZ decoder which communicates through RS485 or RS422. They canexpand multiple decoding protocols, facilitating the realization of PTZ and dome camera
Intelligent Operation
Mouse operation function.For the same settings on the menu, you can copy and paste quickly.check equipment and accessories.

Front Panel Buttons

Rear Panel

Compression Format
Operating System
Embedded LINUX Operating System
User Interface
16-bit true color graphical menu, support for USB mouse operation, with menu notes
Preview resolution
960 x 480 (NTSC), 960x 576 (PAL) ; Playback resolution:4*960H
Real time recording support
CIF:352×240 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 352×288 with 400 Fps (PAL) 
D1:720×480 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 704×576 with 400 Fps (PAL)
960H:960×480 with 480 Fps (NTSC); 960×576 with 400 Fps (PAL)
Video Input/Output
RCA 16CH In/ 1CH Out /Alarm
Audio/Alarm Input/Output RCA 16CH In/ 1CH Out 
Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Local Playback
Motion Detection
PAL 13*10(130); NTSC 13*8(104) 4 grade available
Communication Interface
1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS , Support Internet Explorer and special client software
Hard Disk
2 SATA Hard Disc interface(Up to 8TB)
USB port
2pc (Mouse port and USB2.0 port)
VGA port
1pc(optional) Resolution:800×600, 1024×768
Special Feature
Support remote view by Mobilephone
Power Source
Working Temperature
Working Humidity 10%--90%
Dimension 405mm×325mm×65mm
Package 47*45*45mm, 4PCS/CTN
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ESET Internet Security   
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