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Green Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an IT solution company which markets the products and services related with information technology in Nepal. Since 2009 it is providing comprehensive world-class solutions and services to mid-market businesses and industries nationally as well as specialist......

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  ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server
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Discover ESET System Capabilities

Because malware distributors frequently exploit email to spread infections, protecting your companys mail server is the essential first line of defense. ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server eliminates all types of email-borne threats and unsolicited email, with harmful content filtered away at the server level — before it can do any damage.

ESET Mail Security

Version 4.3 Improvements and New Features

Antispam Engine and Score Dials – new improved antispam engine and ability to define antispam threshold levels.

Advanced Setup Tree – redesigned advanced setup tree for more intuitive navigation.

Automatic Exclusions – the solution automatically detects and excludes critical server files for smooth operation.

License Merging – automatically merge two or more licenses with the same customer name for simpler license management.

Spam Log – Displays sender, recipient, spam score, classification and action taken.

Greylisting Log – View greylisted sender, recipient, action taken and shows status until connection denial period ends.


Key Benefits

Advanced Filtering Technology – Our award-winning ThreatSense® scanning engine provides maximum protection for your company email.

Lightweight Design – Optimized filtering and system maintenance, leave more processing power for server tasks like delivering the emails that keep your business running.

Complex Server Protection – Get a comprehensive solution that has all the tools and features to secure not just Exchange mailboxes, but also the server environment.

Trouble-Free Installation and Setup – A simple set-and-forget solution that delivers advanced installation options as well as the ability to import/export configurations and tools for remote administration.


Key Features

Antivirus and Antispyware – Keep known and emerging forms of malware from entering your network via email.

Antispam – Filter out unsolicited email messages, scams, phishing, and frauds.

Customizable Rules – Set rules based on your security policies and automate email scanning and quarantine handling.

Greylisting – Greatly improves antispam efficacy.

Performance Monitoring – Records system activity and enables administrators to optimize server performance.

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