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  School Express
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SCHOOL EXPRESS (School Management System)

School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. SMS allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, financial, academic process. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated. Version 2.1.1 has added new functionalities and new features and enhanced with 100’s of analytical reports. It consists of three modules:
Its easy function provides generating of all school students advance fee on a single click, sending billing using multi printer (either laser / dos mode). It consists cash receipt in organized way, so that user can identify all student info and summary. Party ledger, student balance summary, title wise fee income reports and expenses, bank ledger are key part of this system.

All financial transaction recorded on student fee billing system are transferred to this module automatically in voucher format. so all key reports like  every entities like( assets , capital , liability, expenses, income) ledger, its trial balance, income expenditure  and balance and be easily analyzed.

Student performance on exam can be prepared on this system. Only marks obtained and settings are input for this. It generates different markseet for terminal & summary report for final term. (Personal development grade entry/ attendance entry / remarks) are additional features for this software.

School Express (School Management Software)


1.    Billing System/ Front Desk
                 a.    Student Registration (Dual Registration i. SystemRegno ii. Manual Regno)
                       i.    Dual Registration (System  Regno/ Manual Regno)
                       ii.    Image
                       iii.    Faculty
                       iv.    Stream
                       v.    Type (Dalit / Janajati / General)
                       vi.    Previous Academic Info
                 b.    Admission Entry
                 c.    Monthly Fee Generation with  Following Provision
                          i.    Day Scholar/ Day Boarders / Boarders
                          ii.    Scholoarship Student Management
                          iii.    Special Attribute with TutionFee, Tiffin , Bus Fee , Extra Tution , Lodging / Fooding
                          iv.    Batch Processing for Multiple Month
                d.    Cash Receipt (Direct Income)
                          i.    Title wise receipt
                          ii.    Provison for Discount
                          iii.    Scholarship
                          iv.    Late Fee
                          v.    Partial Payment
                          vi.    Manual Payment of Individual Income title
                e.    Party Transaction (Payment /Receipt)
                f.    Expenses with Multiple Title (By Cash / Credit  / Bank)
               g.    Bank Transaction (Deposit /Withdraw)
               h.    Stationery and Others Charges Recording System(Effect is on Advance Bill of another Month)
               i.    Indirect Income (eg. Certificate / Scrap Sales / Interest)
               j.    Edit Provision for (Bill / Receipt / Expenses ) only with Administrative Authority
               k.    Easy Batch Transfer of Student from Year to Year
               l.    Reports
                      i.    Due Fee of Student (All/ Class wise /Individual)
                      ii.    Generated Fee Class wise (Multi layer)
                      iii.    Fee collection (All / Title wise)
                      iv.    Individual Student Fee Ledger
                      v.    Class wise Fee ledger Matrix
                      vi.    General Analysis :
                               1.    Male / Female
                               2.    Type : Dalit / Janajati / General
                               3.    Stream (Science / Management / School level)
                               4.    Scholarship wise
                               5.    Bus Route wise
                    vii.    Expenses Analysis : Summary /Detail
                    viii.    Party Ledger Summary / Detail
           ix.    Bank Ledger
           x.    Cash Book
           xi.    Day Book
2.    Account System
                   a.    Transaction from Billing system are converted to Voucher Automatically at Day End
                    b.    Manual Voucher Preperation
                    c.    Entries Unders Assets / Capital And Liabilities / Expenses / Income
                    d.    Entries from Billing are Automatically transferred
                    e.    Reports
                              i.    Voucher  (Date to date)
                              ii.    Ledger Summary / Ledger Individual of Every Entires
                              iii.    Trail Balance
                              iv.    Income / Expenditure
                              v.    Balance Sheet
                              vi.    Fiscal Year Closing Balance
3.    Progress Report Preperation with Following Provisions
                  a.    Subject Entry
                  b.    Term Wise Marks Setting
                  c.    Subject with Grade Mark Entry
                  d.    Personal Development with Grade Marks
                  e.    Attendance
                   f.    Easy Interface for Marks Entry
                  g.    Setting
                            i.    TermMarks Weightage percentage in Finalterm
                            ii.    Division
                            iii.    Rounding in Marks, Total , Pecentage
                            iv.    Class wise max no of fail sub for Passed under Consideration
                 h.    Student Info Edit.(this Entry have effect on Billing Account)
                           i.    Result with
                           i.    class subject Highest/ Lowest / Average
                           ii.    Subject topper Sec wise
                           iii.    Fail in subject indication
                           iv.    Attendance / Remarks for Individual Student
                           v.    Class/section wise Ledger Sheet
                            vi.    Individual Report card option
               j.    Analysis
                        i.    School/Class / Section Toppers
                        ii.    Subject wise Failed students
                        iii.    Subject wise topper student
                        iv.    Average
4.    Library
               a.    Books Entry with following Provision
                       i.    ISBN
                       ii.    Barcode
                       iii.    No of Reference Copy
                       iv.    Multiple Authors
                       v.    Manual Book Code
                b.    Student Entry (Information is shared from Billing System)
                c.    Staff Entry for Reference Book Issue
                d.    Book Purchase from different Publication and party
                e.    Book Purhcase Return Provision
                f.    Holiday Entry
                g.    Book Issue and Return with Easy interface (Barcode/ Bookid)
                h.    Fine calculation with Flexible Rules
                i.    Book Issue Summary/ Book Hold information
                j.    Damage / Lost  Provision
                k.    Reports
                        i.    Books Issued
                        ii.    Books Returned
                        iii.    Books Purchased / Returned
                        iv.    Books in or Outside Library
                        v.    Books uses according to Individual Student
                        vi.    Staff Book Issue summary
                        vii.    Due Summary Report
                       viii.    Analysis
                                 1.    Max Utilized Book
                                  2.    Max Hold book
                                  3.    Shortage booklist
                                  4.    Faculty wise Book Issue
                                  5.    lost and damage
                                  6.    Fine calculation
                                   7.    Holidays

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