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Green Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an IT solution company which markets the products and services related with information technology in Nepal. Since 2009 it is providing comprehensive world-class solutions and services to mid-market businesses and industries nationally as well as specialist......

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TRADE + (Trading House Management System)

Trade Plush is basically designed for trade management of departmental store where multiple pos system exists with server system. High volume of database is managed with this software on network. This software provides features and facilities to analyze financial transaction with performance.Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated. Version 2.1.1 has added new functionalities and new features.

This software is basically designed for trade management of departmental with multiple pos (point of sales). This comprises system for analyzing stock, order of stock, party payment status, bank ledger. It consist easy frame for pos system where multiple bill can be pass to server parallelly. this system uses dual code system :    
        1. Manual    
        2. Barcode
Damage and adjustment of stock are recorded with user info.

   All financial transaction recorded on trading management system are transferred to this module automatically in voucher format. So all key reports like  every entities like( assets , capital , liability, expenses, income) ledger, its trial balance, trading account ,P&L account , cash flow and balance sheet can be easily analyzed.

   Trade Plus Provide Following Modules:
  1.   Trading House Management System
  • Inventory Store
              i.    Items with Barcode info
              ii.    Multiple Price (Retail / Semi-Wholesale / Wholesale)
              iii.    Stock clearance info (Min Qty / Max Qty for Order placement)
             iv.    Stock Opening Balance
  •   Point of Sales
              i.    Counter Petty Setting
              ii.    Purchase / Purchase Return
                       Cost Price setting center
                      Sales Price Setting Center
                     Tax Management
               iii. Sales / Sales Return
                      Party wise sales
                      VAT / ABV sales
                      Automatic Tax Calculation
                     Multiple Printer Selection
                    4inch / 6 inch / A4 Bill format selection option
            iv.    Damage
            v.    Counter Cash Settlement with Detail
    c.    General Transaction
                i.    Multi Bank System
                ii.    Expenses (cash / Credit / Bank)
                iii.    Bank Transaction (Deposit / WithDraw)
                iv.    Party Transaction  (Payment  / Receipt)
                v.    Party Adjustment

    d.    Utility
             i.    Security
                  1.    Multi User
                  2.    User Roles
            ii.    Database Backup (Automatically / Manual) on Day End

    e.    Reports
               i.    Day Book
               ii.    CASh Book
               iii.    Bank Book
               iv.    Order List –with party and stock analysis
                v.    Stock Analysis
                         1.    Summary
                          2.    Stock ledger
                         3.    Closing stock Search option
             vi.    Daily transaction view –purchase / purchase Return /Sales / Sales return
             vii.    Party ledger Summary / Detail
             viii.    Expenses Summary /Detail
             ix.    Tax Analysis –Summary /Detail
             x.    Graphical Analysis- Transaction, Expenses
             xi.    Analysis
                    1.    Top most sales
                    2.    Top Revenue Generating Sales
                    3.    Approximate P/L Analysis item wise / category wise
                    4.    Non Sales item
                     5.    Top buyers item wise / category wise
                    6.    Category wise purchase
                   7.    All purchase from different suppliers

2.    Account
            a.    Day Book Maintenance
             b.    Voucher preparation
            c.    Reports
                        i.    Individual Voucher
                        ii.    Individual Ledger of Every Entries
                         iii.    Cash Flow Statement
                         iv.    Trial Balance
                         v.    Trading Account
                         vi.    Profit & Loss Statement
                         vii.    Balance Sheet

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