MDaemon Server v12.5.X Release
  • [9109] Use of the event log for BES components has been disabled in order to avoid excessive logging of items not relevant to MDaemon's BES. This has also required resetting the Agent and BES overall log levels back to their defaults of "Informational." If this is not to your liking you can set these levels to something else at Alt+M | BlackBerry Enterprise Server | Options.
  • [9046] MDaemon's memory usage has been adjusted to allow for more simultaneous IMAP sessions.
  • [8705] Added the ability to include list of VIEWS as part of the list of TABLES in the ODBC configuration wizard.
  • [7439] Removed the Latin text from the WorldClient HTML compose editor's image preview pane.
  • [9052] fix to MDMigrator is unable to connect to a Japanese Exchange server
  • [8423] fix to calendar items created in WorldClient's Simple theme having the time changed from PM to AM
  • [8611] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not updating the displayed quota data as users' mail folders are updated
  • [9140] fix to ActiveSync server is not able to save changes to certain PIM folders
  • [9141] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not properly reloading the folder list after deleting a folder
  • [9143] fix to HTML messages that use the <pre> tag do not display correctly in WorldClient's LookOut theme
  • [9144] fix to MDaemon logs "Configuration Session is shutting down" when a Configuration Session starts up
  • [9087] fix to MDaemon errantly skipping next MX host(s) on SMTP 4xx error in some situations
  • [2491] fix to the WorldClient Standard theme's address book possibly prompting the user to resubmit form information if a search is performed before a contact is created
  • [9077] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's compose view address lookup font size being too large
  • [6751] fix to the WorldClient compose editor's cursor not handling IE's zoom setting properly
  • [8593] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's notes and tasklists not being able to be printed
  • [8637] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not rendering the recipient column on the sent folder table headers
  • [8926] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not properly remembering the default contacts folder in some cases
  • [8737] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not properly highlighting rows when the user has enabled the Pastel or Purple styles
  • [9110] fix to possible ActiveSync server crash when a copy of a sent message cannot be created in the user's Sent Items folder
  • [9112] fix to ActiveSync folder create, rename, and delete operations failing
  • [3941] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not allowing messages to be copied from read-only folders
  • [8469] fix to WorldClient's Search not being triggered when hitting Enter after typing in search text on the message list view
  • [9048] fix to ActiveSync activation being requested even for expired trial keys
  • [9014] fix to possible web server hang during ActiveSync initialization
  • [9036] fix to messages forwarded via ActiveSync are base64 encoded and cannot be rendered by some clients
  • [9041] fix to two mailing list welcome messages being sent to new members under some conditions
  • [8849] fix to spam filter delete option not working in some cases
  • [6653] fix to BIS devices cannot accept certain meeting invitations sent from WorldClient
  • [8909] fix to some of the "New Account Defaults" settings are not applied unless an account is created in the MDaemon GUI
  • [8836] fix to MDaemon's SyncML server is not compatible with Funambol Windows Sync Client v10
  • [9076] fix to incorrect error response text when the SMTP server refuses a message over the size limit
  • [9001] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme may not allow users to copy/move messages to Inbox
  • [9080] fix to ActiveSync error when trying to move a message on a device after it has been moved on the server
MDaemon 12.5.4 - March 6, 2012
  • [8468] The F2 | Servers option "...drops connection if transmission exceeds" has been removed in favor of the global "... refuses all messages larger than" and per-domain "... refuses messages to domain larger than" settings.  Overly large messages are refused with a "552 Message too big (max XX KB)" or "552 Message too big for (max XX KB)" response to the MAIL command if the sending server supports the SIZE extension, otherwise it is sent as the DATA response after the message is received.  Note that once an incoming message exceeds the allowable size MDaemon will permit the transmission to continue to completion but it will write no further data to disk, to protect against disk-fill attacks.  The Ctrl+O | Miscellaneous option "...Skip SIZE checks for authenticated SMTP sessions" has been moved to F2 | Servers and renamed "...but not if the SMTP session is authenticated."
  • [8802] WebAdmin domain administrators may now add/edit domain administrators for their allowed domains
  • [8783] MDaemon's installer no longer includes all of the BES software directly. Instead, the admin is asked whether BES should also be installed. If yes, the install process launches a browser window which assesses eligibility, provides important BES related information, and offers the proper download links to install the rest of BES.
  • [7522] When RAW messages are found and processed MDaemon will trigger a remote mail processing event if the "deliver queued mail immediately whenever possible" scheduling option is enabled. Previously, RAW message processing was incapable of triggering this event.
  • [5645] WebAdmin domain administrators may now configure an account's BES settings. This requires the "Manage BlackBerry device" permission be set for the domain adminstrator.
  • [8867] WorldClient now auto-saves drafts every 3 minutes by default rather than every 1 minute. This can be changed by editing WorldClient's Domains.ini AutoSaveDraftFrequency=X (in minutes, or 0 to disable).
  • [8803] ActiveSync was added to the Servers pane in the UI. This toggles the state of the ActiveSync server for the "Default" setting. It does not change any per-domain ActiveSync server setting.
  • [8823] The ActiveSync server now supports remote wipe via a new button found on the Mobile Details page within the Account Editor. You can also see details about each ActiveSync device that has connected to the account.
  • [8762] The Account Manager will display the amount of disk space used in MB rather than KB.
  • [8835] The WorldClient LookOut theme will notify users when logging in if their autoresponder is enabled in case they would like to turn it off.
  • [7690] Updated the WorldClient Lookout theme to use a calendar date picker control when scheduling an autoresponder.
  • [8828] Messages sent via SMTP from "MDaemon@<anylocaldomain>" will no longer be accepted even if authenticated.  The only way to accept mail from that address is if the sending server is listed in the Trusted IP section in Ctrl+S (Security Settings).
  • [8642] Updated several pages in WebAdmin to match MDaemon.
  • [8822] The ActiveSync server will mark a message as replied on the server when a client uses the SmartReply command.
  • [8445] The ActiveSync server now supports the Ping command, which is used to push changes from the server to the client.
  • [6623] The ActiveSync server now supports the Search command, which allows clients to search the public Contacts folder.
  • [8739] The BES configuration UI now includes a page with a link to a new BES landing page at Alt-N if BES is not installed (MDaemon PRO only).
  • [8740] Install process will put up a progress dialog when installing EULA related files to keep the install process from appearing to be frozen
  • [7215] WebAdmin now includes the ability to edit group name, description, and members
  • [8636] WebAdmin now disables Mail Services tab for disabled user accounts
  • [8479] A valid SecurityPlus license key is no longer required in order to use or develop MDaemon plugins that call SMTPMessageFunc, SMTPMessageFunc2, SMTPMessageFunc3, DomainPOPMessageFunc, or MultiPOPMessageFunc.
  • [8460] The ActiveSync server now considers messages that have been marked as deleted by an IMAP client, and not expunged, to be deleted.
  • [8965] The SpamAssassin rule URIBL_RHS_DOB has been disabled due to slowness it may be causing.
  • [8801] fix to incorrect logic when viewing WebAdmin's forwarding tab for certain types of users
  • [8785] fix to BIS controls not being disabled in WebAdmin if BIS is globally disabled
  • [8787] fix to WebAdmin not disabling options when IP Shield is disabled
  • [8841] fix to WorldClient truncates HTML message content at a null character
  • [8848] fix to WorldClient does not open a compose window when clicking certain "mailto" links in HTML messages
  • [8871] fix to ActiveSync cannot mark a message as read if the folder's IMAP.MRK is empty
  • [8712] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme may auto-save duplicate draft messages if a compose window is left open after logging out
  • [8667] fix to ComAgent may not be able to load user settings when running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with roaming profiles
  • [8279] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme "Add to WhiteList/BlackList" adds incorrect email address if the name is not enclosed in double quotes
  • [8798] fix to ActiveSync may not sync task completed status properly
  • [8789] fix to Content Filter leaving abandoned message in work directory
  • [8868] fix to some Android ActiveSync clients may lose the subject of a changed instance of a recurring appointment
  • [8896] fix to some Android ActiveSync clients fail to sync messages with blank bodies
  • [8389] fix to OC new account default setting may not be applied when creating an account from the MDaemon UI
  • [8054] fix to MDaemon's BES plugin does not support folders with an apostrophe in their name
  • [8894] fix to dragging an instance of a recurring event in WorldClient to another day changes the start/end time if the timezone of the event is different than the server's timezone
  • [8895] fix to being unable to edit an occurrence of a recurring event in WorldClient, if due to a timezone offset, the occurrence is displayed on a different date than what is stored in the calendar.mrk file
  • [8810] fix/change to the WorldClient LookOut week view not highlighting the current day of the week so that when the "New Appointment" button is clicked the user will know what day to expect it on
  • [8903] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not always clearing events from the calendar properly when a user unchecks a calendar
  • [8602] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not moving recurring events properly with the month view drag and drop
  • [8924] fix to low disk space warning emails sent every 30 seconds (now sent once every 3 hours)
  • [7296] fix to WorldClient's HTML compose "Insert Special Character" command does not work
  • [8797] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's whitelist/blacklist context menu may not close in IE8
  • [8799] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not saving the AM/PM checkbox setting once it is unchecked in the Options > Calendars view
  • [8765] fix to WebAdmin not range checking the Bayesian Auto-learning spam score threshholds
  • [8805] fix to WebAdmin does not read the correct default value for the "Enable attachment linking" option
  • [8812] fix to export to public address book function creating incomplete contact records for mailing lists
  • [8834] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not hiding the "Loading" indicator when users move quickly between various calendar views
  • [8601] fix to ActiveSync may not resume a large sync when interrupted by the user changing an item on the device
  • [8831] fix to ActiveSync SmartReply might not append the message body correctly
  • [8598] fix to ActiveSync unable to decode certain meeting attendees
  • [8321] fix to the WorldClient Standard theme wrapping phone numbers when non-numerical characters are present and the table is wide
  • [2080] fix to the WorldClient Standard and Simple theme not requiring logical start or end dates when the the no start and end date checkbox is unchecked
  • [8556] fix to SPF verifier not treating a domain having multiple SPF records as an error
  • [8595] fix to Domain Admins unable to edit user's POP/IMAP settings in WebAdmin
  • [8130] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme multi-calendar task creation dialog clipping the cancel button in some browsers
  • [3456] fix to the WorldClient Simple theme auto-responder not handling the proper date settings as well as preventing it from auto-enabling itself in some cases
  • [1951] fix to the WorldClient Mobile theme not validating dates for calendar events properly
  • [8710] fix to unable to delete an alias from the aliases page of the WebAdmin user account editor
  • [8711] fix to in WebAdmin the "edit aliases" web permission is not honored for users that are not an administrator
  • [8738] fix to WebAdmin displaying the wrong error message when Domain Admins attempted to add certain aliases
  • [8402] fix to WorldClient does not validate task percent complete field
  • [8772] fix to MDSpamD uses the DNS servers configured in Windows rather than the ones configured in MDaemon
  • [8774] fix to MDSpamD is not restarted after changing the DNS servers configured in MDaemon
  • [8786] fix to some BIS related options not disabled when BIS disabled
MDaemon 12.5.3 - January 17, 2012
  • [8553] The 200KB size limit on messages scanned by Outbreak Protection has been reset to ZERO (meaning no size limits anymore).  If you want to maintain size limitations to speed up scanning you can manually set the size limit by editing Plugins.dat [Outbreak Protection] MaxScanSize=<value in KB>.
  • [8475] The global message size restriction is now checked and enforced after MAIL command received (assuming the SIZE command is also provided by the sending SMTP server).
  • [8072] Improved performance of listing account in WebAdmin. This is most noticeable on systems with a very large number of users.
  • [8617] To make sure all ActiveSync devices are in sync, an initial sync of each folder will be triggered after updating to this version.
  • [8438] fix to BES installer may fail with "Error code 3" after changing the logs directory
  • [8549] fix to ActiveSync server may not tell the client to delete all of the messages that had been deleted from the server
  • [8465] fix to some Android ActiveSync clients fail to sync after trying to change the read status of a message that had been deleted from the server
  • [8485] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme load error when calendars are disabled
  • [8359] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's message list sometimes inserting new messages that arrive at the bottom of the list rather than the top
  • [8561] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's right-click menu not working with Internet Explorer 8
  • [8224] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme showing the loading indicator indefinitely in Internet Explorer 8
  • [8253] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's calendar day, week and month views possibly rendering events with their edges overlapping
  • [8560] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's autoresponder view not notifying the user that the start/end dates are not working as expected
  • [8538] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's compose window may not reflect changes made to compose options until next login
  • [6298] fix to WebAdmin may not save Compression Exclusions properly
  • [8429] fix to WebAdmin not allowing admins to change user passwords when user is set for Dynamic Authentication
  • [8428] fix to WebAdmin not displaying some translated buttons properly
  • [8575] fix to WebAdmin cannot add new aliases in certain localized versions
  • [8548] fix to possible WebAdmin crash when viewing certain autoresponders
  • [8471] fix to MDMigrator may display "Invalid Server DN found" and exit even when properly configured
  • [8565] fix to SMTP server sending 422 response code instead of 452 in over quota, max RSET, and max list message size situations
  • [2188] fix to Content Filter's "Decompress inbound local domain attachments" switch functioning incorrectly
  • [8606] fix to editing an occurrence of a recurring event on the server for an out of coverage BES user causes the edited occurrence to not be synchronized to the device and warnings in the Window's event log
  • [8608] fix to JavaScript error when viewing Admin Notes tab in WebAdmin with certain browsers
  • [8600] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's month view where calendar events that span multiple weeks may not render properly
  • [8599] fix to AV initialization error not causing messages to be put in holding queue
  • [4867] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not presenting errors if a user setup an IMAP filter that created a loop
  • [8210] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's compose view in IE9 where the tab key will not move focus from the subject field to the message body
  • [8409] fix to HTML messages containing JavaScript may show as blank in WorldClient
  • [8644] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not saving special folders and reloading properly on the Options-Folders view
  • [8706] fix to WorldClient listing the meeting planner as an attendee when viewing a meeting created by Outlook Connector
  • [8632] fix to ComAgent taskbar button may not flash when the first instant message is received
  • [8618] fix to meeting responses and reminders may not be processed by the Content Filter
  • [8698] fix to MDaemon fails to process some valid message attachments sent to the whitelist@ or blacklist@ addresses
  • [8720] fix to recurring meeting may be deleted on BlackBerry device (BES) after a single occurrence has been edited via Outlook Connector
  • [8724] fix to installer offering BES install option to Standard/FREE users
MDaemon 12.5.2 - December 1, 2011
  • [8282] MINGER.SEM can now be created which stops and then starts the Minger server.
  • [8228] BES options UI has several new controls where you can specify the maximum size of attachments that can be downloaded to the BlackBerry device, the maximum size of individual attachments that can be uploaded in an email from the BlackBerry device, and the maximum size of all attachments combined together that can be uploaded in an email from the BlackBerry device.
  • [8304] Added warning text in account editor about the Notes/Comments data being viewable by others and also renamed the field to Description to match mapping with Active Directory field.
  • [8308] MDaemon will remove an old Accounts.csv at startup and at midnight each night.
  • [8302] MDaemon UI will strip out lines with " * " (space asterisk space) from SpamAssassin white and blacklist files to prevent a problem whereby that single asterisk character matches to any and everything - defeating the purpose.  If for some reason you want to whitelist or blacklist everything use "*@*" instead.
  • [8294] Added 9pt to list of font size in WorldClient's compose window
  • [8362] Added the ability to login/logout directly from ComAgent's right-click tray menu
  • [8333] Account export to .csv now requires providing a global administrator users logon and password.  Also, the logon used to start the export operation is now logged to the SYSTEM log.
  • [6692] Added "Administrator Notes" tab to account editor where you can enter notes or whatever you wish about an account.  This information is not sync'ed to the public contacts or mapped to any field in Active Directory.
  • [8370] Account editor "Signature" tab no longer requires creating the account first.
  • [8053] Moved WorldClient's "Search Deleted Messages" option from the UI to Domains.ini SearchDeletedMessages=Yes.
  • [8281] fix to account restriction feature not adjusting for BATV encoded addresses
  • [8290] fix to some text missing on WebAdmin's Miscellaneous Options dialog
  • [8287] fix to button sizing issues in some localized versions of WebAdmin
  • [8313] fix to HTTP success response header for ActiveSync SendMail command is not formatted correctly, which may cause the response to not be delivered to the device
  • [8301] fix to not being able to subscribe/unsubscribe to lists without "allow changes via email" switch set
  • [7434] fix to list subscribe/unsubscribe emails to MDaemon account may not be parsed correctly
  • [8356] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's auto-responder not setting the start year properly when a user returns to the auto-responder view
  • [8312] fix to possible ActiveSync crash when syncing deletes from the client
  • [8317] fix to some Android ActiveSync clients not able to sync the Inbox folder
  • [8361] fix to birthday and anniversary dates synced using ActiveSync may be off by one day
  • [8358] fix to ActiveSync may send an incorrect attachment for HTML messages
  • [8355] fix to all day events created on device appear as a two day event in WorldClient when using ActiveSync
  • [8328] fix to SMTP server sending incorrect error code in response to too many RCPT commands
  • [8378] fix to WebAdmin's public folder list does not include sub folders
  • [8387] fix to ActiveSync possibly leaving .lck files behind until the web server is restarted
  • [8331] fix to creating a new contact in WorldClient may set the birthday and anniversary automatically to 1/1/1601
  • [8286] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme rendering half hour events as hour events in IE8
  • [8372] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not switching to the inline preview in IE8
  • [8323] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's day view not being able to advance past the day daylight saving time begins
  • [8388] fix to PTR host names with no A record not treated as PTR mismatch and dropping connection when configured to do so
  • [8400] fix to SMTP error when attempting to use the STARTTLS Required List
  • [8410] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme selecting multiple calendar events on the month view without the CTRL key being pressed
  • [8433] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not handing dragging and dropping of events in the month view properly, creating empty events
  • [8432] fix to domain alias list in WebAdmin does not include aliases in the format of =
  • [8437] fix to unable to change save account "Mail Services" settings from WebAdmin
MDaemon 12.5.1 - November 9, 2011

  • [8263] Changed the default number of login attempts allowed by WorldClient's dynamic screening from 5 to 10. WorldClient returns the error "Logon refused" if the user's IP is banned. More information can be found in WorldClient.log.
  • [8080] For tracking purposes, IP and Dynamic Screening will now include the IP address being refused in the SMTP response string.
  • [8007] Added "...but only from LAN IPs" options to new account defaults (Web Services)
  • [8059] Added enabling OC option to new account defaults (Mail Services)
  • [8073] Added better edit checks when entering new list member email address using UI
  • [8208] When the "Send all outbound email to the Server specified below" delivery option is used and authentication credentials for that server are also configured MDaemon will attempt to use those credentials regardless of the actual host name that DNS resolves for the Server value.
  • [8229] Active Directory interaction is now logged into its own tab and log file rather than the SYSTEM tab and log file.
  • [4345] Active Directory monitoring now supports explicit mapping of email addresseses.  To configure this, edit your ActiveDS.dat file and add "Email=%mail%" to the [Templates] section.  You can map any AD attribute here and it does not have to be %mail% but what you use needs to contain and return a valid email address or nothing will happen.  If you setup an "Email=" template and it contains a valid email address then the mailbox and domain taken from that email address will be used over any other values taken from any other templates or options.  Domains which do not exist in MDaemon will be automatically created on the fly.  This new "Email=" template is not present by default so if you want it you have to configure it manually.
  • [8188] Added more colors to the WorldClient LookOut theme's calendar color array.
  • [8113] Renamed "Minimize GUI to task bar on startup" to "Always keep icon on task bar"
  • [8058] The MDaemon system account is no longer visible/accessible via Account Manager
  • [8234] The "Bounce message if receiving domain has no MX records" now only applies when using the "Send all outbound email directly..." delivery option.
  • [4512] WorldClient's LookOut theme supports "Forward As Attachment" with multiple messages selected.
  • [6579] fix to refresh on WebAdmin status page not using proper timing
  • [7975] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme last week in month view calendar may be clipped unnecessarily
  • [8164] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not allowing paging in the contact picker
  • [8090] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not rendering the task list view in IE7 & 8
  • [8068] fix to WorldClient's Mobile theme overriding the user's selected theme when editing options
  • [8071] fix to various problems when using certain symbols in list name in WebAdmin
  • [8082] fix to localized text not translated properly in some places in WebAdmin
  • [8135] fix to WebAdmin's value for Maximum SQL memory (BES) not always matching MDaemon's value
  • [8165] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not translating a few strings on the calendar picker view
  • [8162] fix to changing BES service book name in WorldClient does not update device and blanks it out in MDaemon GUI
  • [8173] fix to BES MDS-CS service may not be able to start due to missing msvcr71.dll file
  • [8166] fix to header translation changes made via config session not taking immedate effect
  • [8175] fix to ActiveSync activation dialog appearing in MDaemon Standard and MDaemon FREE
  • [8169] fix to DNS server changes made via config session not taking immediate effect
  • [8230] fix to various ActiveSync body truncation defects, some of which would cause errors on the iOS ActiveSync client
  • [8182] fix to X-MDDSN-Message header not present in DSN messages like it should be
  • [8185] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme opening the copy/move dialog in a new tab instead of inside of the theme on tablet devices
  • [8186] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not outputting the preview pane properly in Firefox 3.x when a user returns to the message list
  • [8193] fix to when creating or editing a calendar event in WorldClient, the time picker control may not update until another control is selected
  • [7260] fix to cannot set autoresponder start or end date in German version of WebAdmin
  • [8197] fix to "End after X occurrences" option not saved for recurring events created or edited using WorldClient's Lookout theme
  • [7982] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not creating events at the right time in Firefox
  • [8201] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not handling month view paging to move back in time chronologically
  • [8219] fix to MDaemon Standard crash when adding new accounts
  • [8189] fix to holding queue summary email going through CF processing and sometimes getting sent to holding queue itself
  • [8223] fix to unable to create accounts in WebAdmin when running MDaemon Standard
  • [8227] fix to Active Directory TEST button not working unless AD monitoring enabled
  • [8222] fix to when using Outlook Connector the corresponding item in Outlook may not be updated when it is edited in WorldClient
  • [8231] fix to particular malformed HTML message may crash WorldClient when viewed
  • [5205] fix to Active Directory monitoring feature sometimes errantly truncating property values or not using entire property values as mapped from ActiveDS.dat
  • [8232] fix to mail folder with an invalid FolderClass value in its hiwater.mrk file may prevent ActiveSync synchronization
  • [8192] fix to ambiguous error message when enabling ActiveSync for first time using invalid email address
  • [8235] fix to ActiveSync, recurring events created on the client which end after X occurrences, never end when synchronized to the server and viewed in WorldClient
  • [8242] fix to the spam filter engine not being restarted upon configuration changes
  • [5683] fix to ComAgent 'Remove Contact' does not remove the contact from the user's buddy list on the server
  • [8255] fix to the entire recurring series is removed from WorldClient's calendar after editing or deleting a single occurrence using Outlook Connector
  • [8257] fix to WebAdmin's userlist quota values may not match up with MDaemon in all cases
  • [8237] fix to not being able to enable a disabled account in WebAdmin
  • [8241] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme incorrectly stripping off the shared and public prefixes in the calendar view
  • [8259] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme's buddy manager in ComAgent not adjusting the monitor height properly and allowing for scrolling
  • [8260] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme displaying message list scroll bars incorrectly if ViewMessagesInNewWindow=Yes is set in the user's User.ini
  • [8236] fix to ActiveSync protocol version incompatibility with some Android devices
  • [8269] fix to message with a specific ICS attachments causes local queue processing to stop
  • [8275] fix to WorldClient password change option does not enforce strong password requirement
  • [8258] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme month calendar view not rendering properly in some cases
  • [8278] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not handling JSON decoding for some messages in the external preview window

MDaemon 12.5.0 - October 18, 2011


  1. [6697] ActiveSync for MDaemon license key is now subject to product activation. Trial keys must be activated within 5 days and production keys within 30 days. Click here for more information on product activation.
  2. [7084] Incorporation of MDS-CS has required that your "BlackBerry Enterprise Server logging" value found at Alt+B | Options be reset to a default value of "Informational". If this is not what you want you can easily change it there.
  3. [7210] The Domain Sharing option "Incoming Minger lookups trigger Domain Sharing processing" has been removed.  If you have multiple servers using Domain Sharing be sure to configure each node to use all the other nodes for Domain Sharing (if appropriate for your setup) and this option should not be needed.
  4. [7003] The Ctrl+U | Quotas option "Over quota accounts can accept mail but not send mail" has been removed and replaced with two separate options "Refuse incoming messages sent to over quota accounts" (enabled by default) and "Refuse outgoing messages sent from over quota accounts" (disabled by default).  These new defaults may not replicate previously configured behavior so check and change as needed.

ActiveSync for MDaemon has been improved and is now capable of sync'ing email as well as PIM data. For information on configuring your specific ActiveSync device see the documentation that accompanied your device. Some information on basic configuration is available from the Alt-N web site for Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices.

ActiveSync for MDaemon is a separately licensed product available from Alt-N Technologies. ActiveSync for MDaemon will not work beyond a one-time 30-day evaluation period unless a license is purchased.


WorldClient's flagship theme, LookOut, has undergone major architectural and design changes to accomodate tablet devices such as the PlayBook and the iPad.  Users should not have to change any settings to take advantage of these changes.  Specific items of interest:

  1. Single finger scrolling
  2. Dragging and dropping between folders with one finger; use two fingers to copy to the destination folder
  3. No popup windows for message composition, item entry and item editing to help maintain context
  4. Inline message preview to help preserve the flow of the mail folder and maximize screen real estate

Other WorldClient improvements:

  1. Various HTML5 & CSS3 features have been used to improve performance and loading time (Lookout theme).  The Compose view now uses app-caching to help load up the HTML editor more quickly (particularly over SSL connections) on browsers such as the PlayBook, Chrome and Firefox that support the manifest HTML attribute.
  2. [5349] WorldClient now supports some of the dynamic screening settings. By default, 5 authentication failures will cause an IP to be banned for 30 minutes. New settings for this can be found at Ctrl+S | Dynamic Screening. DYNAMICSCREEN.SEM in the \MDaemon\WorldClient directory will reload any manual changes.
  3. [7115] If ActiveSync is enabled for any domain and WorldClient is configured to use the internal web server then WorldClient will automatically run on port 80 in addition to whatever other ports might be configured if it's not already running on port 80 or 443. ActiveSync requires port 80 or 443. If you are running WorldClient via IIS or if you have configured specific IP:Port binding combinations via the MDaemon UI then this does not apply and you must manually configure those items to include port 80 or 443.
  4. [7790] WorldClient's LookOut theme now lets you add an email contact to your whitelist or blacklist (when users have access to these features) through a drop down menu when they hover over the email address in the message preview
  5. [3692] Advanced message searching has now been enhanced with a number of other new search parameters to help make finding messages easier
  6. ComAgent chatting has been moved to a side panel instead of being in a 'floating' tab that may cover other parts of the interface (Lookout theme).
  7. Calendars can now be viewed together to help see schedules for multiple users (Lookout theme).
  8. Autoresponder settings moved to own options view to help make management easier.
  9. [4600] WorldClient's LookOut theme now auto-saves draft messages every minute.
  10. [2461] WorldClient can decode malformed =?ISO-8859-1? style header lines.
  11. [4723] WorldClient will not include Outlook winmail.dat attachments when forwarding a message.
  12. [6177] Added "Mobile Phone 2" field to WorldClient.
  13. [5949] When importing calendar .csv file in WorldClient, if no end date/time is specified assume the event is one day long.
  14. [5443] Exposed BlackBerry PIN field in WorldClient for Contacts.

MDaemon's spam filter has been updated and now includes SpamAssassin 3.3.2.  A summary of changes and other documentation on SpamAssassin can be found here.

[7543] The Spam Filter update UI option "Run SA-UPDATE as part of update process" has been removed.  This will now always take place.  In fact, this is now the only way of doing the update.  The old and out-dated Alt-N method based on UpdateSpamAssassin.exe has been removed and that file has been deleted.  We now rely on sa-update to perform all necessary SpamAssassin updates.  Also, the file is no longer used and has been deleted.

[7631] Also, changed installer to no longer delete existing .cf rule content. The rule updating process will manage .cf files.

[5331] Also, the SMTP session log will now include a line indicating if spam filter processing was skipped due to message being too large.


MDaemon's BES now includes MDS-CS. MDS-CS permits behind-the-firewall access to files and web applications from BlackBerry devices. This will (for example) allow you to access your private Intranet without a VPN connection. Click here for details about MDS-CS but please note that Alt-N does not necessarily support all the features and capabilities of MDS-CS that you may find there.

MDS-CS can be individually disabled while leaving other BES services running. This can be done from a new Alt+B | MDS-CS screen. You will also find settings there to set the default web port (MDS-CS is a web driven service) and a domain value which will appear on the BlackBerry device anytime the device prompts for authentication related to MDS-CS activities. This defaults to COMPANY.COM so you likely will want to change it.


MDaemon's BlackBerry related service integration has been improved/changed as follows.

[7758] BES users can now configure their MDaemon autoresponder using the "Out of Office Reply" settings on the handheld.

[7405] Added Mobile Details tab to the Account Editor which lists BlackBerry and ActiveSync device details.

[6321] Added BES button to Account Manager which will allow you to BES enable selected accounts.  Note that each BES enabled account consumes server resources so only select and BES enable accounts which intend to activate a BlackBerry device.

[6749] MDaemon will update BES database with current computer name on startup.

[7264] A BES cleanup thread will run at midnight which will defrag BES database indexes.

[7263] A BES cleanup thread will run at midnight which will remove old history rows from the BES database.

[5557] Added SMTP server port option to BIS domain configuration UI.  This should not normally need special configuration but it is possible to point BIS to other SMTP servers so the ability to specify a port value is useful in those cases.

[7838] The BES Agent now automatically reloads users after their email address, full name, or mail directory has changed in MDaemon. A restart of the BlackBerry Controller service is no longer needed.

[6695] A line is added to the BES log when a slow sync is started and finished for a BES user

[6804] Exposed additional BlackBerry Enterprise Server features to end user in WorldClient. The PIN, model number, platform version, and phone number of the user's activated device is displayed. The user may reset the device's password, resend service books to the device, change the service name, or wipe their device. This feature is enabled by default, however may be disabled via a new option added to the Web Services section of the Account Manager.

[6182] When a BlackBerry device is subscribed to an MDaemon account using BIS (not BES) the option "Allow multiple BlackBerry device integrations" found at Alt+B | BlackBerry Internet Service | Options will control what happens to previous subscribed BlackBerry devices.  If there are any, they will be removed from MDaemon's configuration and no further event notifications will be pushed to those devices.  However, the fully proper way to unsubscribe a device is to delete the email account from the device itself.  Still, the system will self police much better now.


A new screen at "F2 | Default Domain / Servers" will allow you to configure an HTML version of your domain signature. You must compose your HTML using your editor of choice, then cut-and-paste the HTML into this screen. If present, MDaemon will afix the HTML version of your domain signature into any "text/html" message part found within outbound email. See the users manual for more details on how this feature works.


The "Address Blacklist" feature has been renamed "Sender Blacklist" and a new "Recipient Blacklist" feature has been added.  The new "Recipient Blacklist" operates on SMTP envelope RCPT data only (not message headers).  You can configure it at Ctrl+S | Recipient Blacklist.  Also, the Blacklist.dat file has been renamed SenderBlacklist.dat and a new RecipientBlacklist.dat file has been created.  BLACKLIST.SEM now reloads both files into memory.


Each account now has a personal "BlackList" contact folder. Incoming messages from any SMTP mail sender listed in the BlackList will be rejected with "550 recipient unknown." Messages that make it past SMTP and into the local queue but have a blacklisted address in the FROM or SENDER header will be moved to the bad message folder. The BlackList folder is automatically created the next time a message is received for the account. Users can manage their account's BlackList folder via WorldClient just as with the WhiteList folder.

[7834] Added option to "Ctrl+P | White List (automatic)" to permit forwarding of messages to "BlackList@<domain>" which will automatically add the email address taken from the forwarded message's FROM header to an account's personal blacklist.  Future messages from that email address to the account which blacklisted it will be refused.  To use this feature, the option mentioned above must be enabled and the user must forward a message (as an attachment of type message/rfc822) to "BlackList@<domain>."  Each MDaemon account already has a "Spam Filter uses personal contacts, white list and black list files" checkbox on the "Account Editor | Options" screen which must also be enabled for this feature to be used.


New quota options are available in the new account defaults and account editor which let you set a limit to the number of messages an account can send via SMTP per day.  The counter automatically resets back to zero for all accounts at midnight each night.  Note that it's possible to exceed this limit slightly if messages come in faster than the cache can keep up, but it won't be much over the limit (if at all).


Maximum acceptable message size limits can now be configured on a per-domain basis using new controls in F2 | Servers and Alt+F2 | Extra Domains. There is also a new control to set a global SMTP message size limit in F2 | Servers which will be applied to all domains. By default, size limits are applied to everyone however you can exempt size checks for authenticated sessions with a new switch in Ctrl+O | Miscellaneous.


MDaemon will now use all DNS servers found within Windows if configured to use Windows DNS servers (not just the first two that are discovered).  This required several internal changes including doing away with the old "max retry attempts" option for DNS lookups.   MDaemon will now try each DNS server once per lookup operation and in sequence until it exhausts the complete list of DNS servers or finds the first one that works.  Immediate retries of DNS servers that just failed one second earlier are not productive.  Also, on startup, the System log will display each DNS server and an indication of where it came from (manually configured or taken from Windows).  Also, the UI controls for primary DNS server and secondary DNS server have been  removed.  Now there is just a single edit box that lets you manually configure as many DNS servers as you want.  Finally, the options to use Windows DNS servers or manually configured DNS servers are no longer mutually exclusive.  If you configure both, MDaemon will use both.

[6244] Also, to meet RFC requirements, MDaemon will (when possible) randomly pick from amongst several A records when determining where to s